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I can’t thank Kurt and Carol enough for their hard work, business acumen, graciousness and sensitivity. My brother and I inherited my late father’s home and needed to sell. The modest bungalow had been in the family for almost 50 years and was filled with memories. It was also filled with clutter and required sprucing up. Nervous about its state and the work involved to get it ready, we made a call anyway to The Diener Team. We instantly felt it was the right decision. To our astonishment, Kurt rolled up his sleeves and began pitching in, helping to tidy and even make cosmetic repairs in areas that my brother and I had overlooked. Incredible! He even offered us use of his cargo trailer to move furniture. It was all done with a smile and the reassurance that things would turn out great. Kurt is also a firm yet courteous and ethical negotiator, juggling multiple offers to our maximum advantage without breaking a sweat. And Carol was brilliant in her role, helping us navigate a property-line dispute, advising us on how to liquidate some of the contents and coming up with a marketing strategy that garnered a selling price well above asking. The Diener Team treated us with respect and patience every step of the way. They also happen to be genuinely lovely, warm-hearted people. Beppi Crosariol