Rurban Living - An Affordable Option for Buyers

By: Carol Austin

Rurban Living - An Affordable Option for Buyers

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As a prospective home buyer, you might think your only choice is between city living or the suburbs. But there’s a third option that we feel is an exciting new trend for GTA dwellers – it’s called rurban living.

"Rurban" is a cross-cultural blend of the best aspects of both worlds—the art, culture, trendy shops and great restaurants of city living--combined with small-town friendly communities, big blue skies and rolling green fields, and easy access direct to Ontario farm produce and local-raised meats.

Rurban can be described as a cosmopolitan lifestyle with a tangible connection to food and the land. It’s a balanced way of life with a more diverse range of experiences. 

Did you know that within just 40 to 60 minutes north of Toronto along the 400 corridor, there are a number of quaint rural towns that are blooming into wonderful rurban environments. Towns like Palgrave, Tottenham, Beeton, Cookstown and Alliston…to name a few. These towns are a blend of urban retirees and young families; professionals commuting to the city and entrepreneurs building craft and farm ventures. The centres of these towns are historical and charming—and lately, brimming with farmers markets, pasture-raised butcher shops, farm-to-table restaurants, and trendy gift shops.

And best of all? Houses are actually affordable! Starter home prices range on average from $350,000 to $600,000. A budget of $700,000 or more puts you easily in the luxury market. And there are multiple style options—from older, classic homes to ranches and bungalows--to brand new homes in area subdivisions. There’s also hobby farms and acreage properties if you’ve always dreamed of living off the land!

Interested in Rurban Living? The Diener Team is pleased to announce that we have expanded our market area and are working with Toronto buyers interested in exploring this exciting option. But don’t wait too long! Prices in these towns are already increasing and we are starting to see multiple offers crop up on some of the hotter properties.

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